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About Ringette

Ringette is played on any standard hockey rink.  Five skaters and a goalie are on the ice for each team, unless there are penalties being served.  The object of the game is to score a goal by shooting the ring into the opposing team’s net.

Free play lines (thin red line at the top of the face off circles) define restricted areas deep in the offensive and defensive zones.  Teams are only allowed three skaters (not including the goalie) at a time in these areas.  Exceptions include if a team is serving more than one penalty at a time or if the goalies is pulled for an extra skater.

Players must pass the ring over one blue line at a time.  The requirement to pass the ring over the blue line promotes team play by eliminating the situation where one player can carry the ring from one end to the other.

At more competitive levels, a 30 second shot clock is utilized to maintain the flow of the game.  The ring must hit the goalie or be shot on net within 30 seconds or it becomes the other team’s possession.