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It is essential that athletes have access to qualified coaches throughout the athlete development pathway. The Competency-Based Education and Training (CBET) approach to the National Coaching Certification Program helps to ensure that all coaches are better able to facilitate the development and preparation of athletes, consistent with the principles of long-term athlete development. Unlike the old program that was hierarchical (Level 1, 2, 3) CBET training and certification ensures that coaches obtain knowledge and develop skills applicable to the age and caliber of athletes he/she is working with. A U8 Coach needs a different skill set than someone coaching U16AA. Neither should be considered better than the other, instead, they should both be competent in their particular context.

Coaching Requirements:

All individuals appearing on a team roster as a “coach” must have completed coaching training/certification (as per the outline below) by the December 31st deadline. Failure to comply will result in the offending person being removed from their team roster and consequently, will not allow this individual to participate in league, tournament or exhibition play for the remainder of the season. Approved team rosters can be requested thru the RAS office.

Ringette Sask 2023-24 Team Staff Policy – updated October 2023

Coach Certification Requirements Chart

Junior Coach Certification Requirements Chart

Requirements specific to Ringette Saskatchewan

RAS does not differentiate between Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches. The requirement for the Head Coach is the requirement for all coaches.  All clinics must be attended in full to obtain certification with no exceptions granted.

At least one member of the bench staff (including trainer) must be First Aid certified. Proof of certification must be submitted to Ringette Sask by December 31st.

All new coaches to Ringette (since 2015) must also complete the Coach Initiation in Sport Module.