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About RAS

Our Mission

Ringette Saskatchewan governs, promotes, and develops Ringette for all athletes, coaches, officials and Associations providing leadership that fosters a positive sport experience, lifelong participation, and opportunities for the pursuit of excellence.

Our Vision for the future

Ringette is the most popular sport among females in the province because it is an inclusive community focused on athlete-centred programming, the growth and development of athletes, and the development of future leaders.

Our Values

Teamwork we believe in working collaboratively in the spirit of good                 sportsmanship
Athlete-centered  we support our athletes and strive to provide them with a                 positive, fun and developmentally appropriate experience
Excellence  we believe in the pursuit of excellence at all levels for all                   athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, board and staff
Honesty we are open, transparent and accountable for what we do
Respect we respect and trust each other as individuals, and we                      respect the sport and our organization



Life-long friendship

 we are inclusive and supportive and believe in fair play in               everything we do


we believe Ringette is more than a game, it is a community