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CSI Resources

Basic Ringette Stance
Ring Handling
National Ringette School Drills
Hockey Canada Drill Hub

CI Resources

Tips and Drills for Goalies
Ringette Alberta Half Ice Shooting Drills
Ringette Alberta Half Ice Passing Drills

General Resources

What is Ringette?
Practice Plan Templates
Rink Diagram – 4 per page with lines
Rink Diagram – 4 per page no lines
Rink Diagram – 1 on full page
Coach Development Pathways
Ringette Canada Athlete Development Matrix

coaching women and Girls Resource

Keeping Girls in Sport  was developed in partnership with Canadian Tire Jumpstart, the Coaching Association of Canada, and the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women in Sport. This 90-minute interactive online course is worth two (2) PD points toward NCCP maintenance of certification. Keeping Girls in Sport helps coaches, mentors, and leaders understand what girls need to feel included, be successful, and stay active.

The Rally Report shows that sport participation levels for Canadian girls are much lower than boys.  Among girls who have participated in sport, there is a dramatic dropout rate observed with 1 in 3 girls leaving sport by late adolescence. By comparison, the dropout rate for teenage boys (aged 16-18) is only 1 in 10. Sport participation rates for Canadian girls decline steadily from childhood to adolescence with as many as 62% of girls not playing sport at all.This study is designed to inform, educate, and inspire action across Canada and to keep girls in sport.

Canadian Women & Sport – Supporting Newcomer Girls and Women Through Sport

Canadian Women & Sport – Empowering Girls Through Positive Coaching
Canadian Women & Sport – She Belongs: Building Social Connection for Lasting Participation in Sport
Canadian Women & Sport – Actively Engaging Women & Girls: Addressing the Psycho-Social     
Canadian Women & Sport –Fueling a Lifetime of Participation

How to Coach Kids – Daily Tips For Coaching Girls
How to Coach Kids – Girls Centered Environment Checklist
How to Coach Kids – Top 10 Coaching Strategies for Girls

Sport for Life – Female Athlete Passport
Sport for Life – The Female Athlete Perspective

Nike Made to Play and We Coach – Coaching Girls Guide – How to Get (And Keep) Girls Playing


Winning vs. Development
How to be an Athlete-Centered Coach
What Makes a Good Coach?
State of Play: Role of Youth Coach More Challenging Than Ever
Can Children’s Sport Be Fun and Competitive – John O’Sullivan and Reed Maltbie
Early Specialization is Eroding Youth Sport – J.J. Adams
Norway is Dominating These Winter Olympics with a Unique Approach to Sports – Dan Wolken
Encourage Critical Thinking at All Levels of the Game – Mark O’Sullivan
The Present is Never a Clean Slate – Mark O’Sullivan
What is Skill Acquisition – Phil Kearney
Challenging the Race to the Bottom – Mark O’Sullivan
My son, tonight you lost – Rebecca Yaros (Blog Post)
Finding Patrick Laine – Murat Ates
Study on Youth Sport Specialization towards NCAA and NHL – Stack
Study Highlighting Early Specialization Not Pre-Requisite for Elite Performance in Sport 
A Framework for Positive Youth Development in Sport – Blake Richardson 
Leading the Way: Working with LGBTQ Athletes and Coaches
Coaching Athletes with a Disability


Jason deVos – The Talent Equation Podcast
Michael Beale – You Versus Yourself
Donna Fishter – Culture and Coaches
Todd Beane – Humility and Leadership
Jason deVos – You Beauty Podcast – Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Joey Lombardi – You Beauty Podcast 
Dr. Jean Cote – How to Become a Transformational Coach 
Dr. Jean Cote – Play vs. Practice, Sampling vs. Specialization, and Transformational Leadership
Reed Maltbie – What are the Most Important Leadership Traits to Teach Young Athletes and Other FAQ
Dr. Martin Toms – It’s Not About You But Those You Coach
John O’Sullivan – Sports Specialization vs. Early Engagers

Multi-Sport Resources

Aboriginal Sport Development
Coaching Association of Canada (CAC)
Coaching Association of Canada Concussion Awareness
Coaching Association of Canada Coaching Athletes with a Disability
Coaching Kids of All Abilities (Jumpstart)
Coaching Association of Canada Sport Nutrition Resources
Coaches Association of Saskatchewan (CAS)
Canadian Sport Centre Saskatchewan
Canadian Women & Sport
Responsible Coaching Movement
Sport for Life
Sport Medicine & Science Council of Saskatchewan Inc (SMSCS)
A Mixed-Method Examination of Coaches’ Interpersonal Emotion Regulation Toward Athletes