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Board Orientation Manual

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Duties of the Board

The Board shall manage or supervise the management of the affairs and business of the Corporation and may exercise all such powers and do all such acts and things as may be exercised or done by the Corporation and which are not expressed directly or required by the Act or other statute, the Articles, the by-laws or any special resolution of the Corporation to be done in some other manner.  Notwithstanding a vacancy among the directors, a quorum of the Board may exercise all the powers of the Board.


Directors are expected to participate throughout the year at regular Board meetings (4-5) plus special meetings or occasional conference calls as required.  Participation on Board committees, specific task-force initiatives, and ad-hoc committees that support the strategic priorities of Ringette Saskatchewan may be necessary.

Qualifications of Directors

Any individual who is 18 years of age or older and who has the power under law to contract and is either an Individual Member or affiliated with an Association, may be nominated for election as a Director.

Eligibility of President

Any individual, who has served as a Director for one full year immediately prior to nomination, may be nominated for election as President. 

Size and Make-Up of Board

The Board shall consist of a minimum size of five (5) and a maximum size of nine (9). For further certainty, no more than 3 of the Elected Directors may be from a single member of the Corporation at any given time


The nominees appointed from each of the Regina Ringette Association and the Saskatoon Ringette Association shall each be elected to hold office for a term of two (2) years; 

The nominees appointed from each of the Buffalo Plains Ringette Association and the Prince Albert Ringette Association shall each be elected to hold office for a term of one (1) year 

Maximum Term.

All directors may be re-elected or appointed for a maximum term of up to eight (8) consecutive years, after which they must vacate their office for at least one (1) year.


At each annual meeting of the Corporation, nominations shall be accepted for the number of directors equal to the number of director positions that will be coming vacant on the Board. All nominees receiving a majority of votes cast by the members represented and carrying voting rights shall be elected to the Board.