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Gym Ringette

If you know the Ice Game…you’ll Love the Gym Version! 

Is your School or Community Association looking for?

  • A co-ed activity?
  • A maximum participation activity
  • A team game?
  • A safe playing environment?


Then Gym Ringette is ready for you. All skill levels and all ages experience the benefit of teamwork, cooperation and accomplishment. Gym Ringette has had its part in helping Ringette grow in popularity over the past decade and we are excited for your help in helping Ringette continue to grow in Saskatchewan.

Dependent on location and time Ringette Saskatchewan could potentially provide your school or community association with an instructor to work with students or youth. We would also have the option to potentially instruct teachers and program staff on how to instruct the basic skills to implement a successful Gym Ringette Program.

Equipment needed is a gym surface, gym rings and gym sticks.  Gym sticks and rings are economical and sticks come in three lengths to fit your needs.  Check them out here Ringette Saskatchewan also has a set that can be borrowed for a trial run.

Please download the FREE comprehensive Let’s Play Gym Ringette Teachers Guide

To find out more about Gym Ringette or a Ringette Association near you contact:

Ringette Saskatchewan’s Executive Director

Ringette Saskatchewan’s Technical Director