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Insurance Broker

As of September 15, 2006, RAS has secured member accident and liability coverage through Sask Sport’s Insurance Broker, Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc.

Coverage Eligibility

All registered players, managers, coaches and officials of Ringette Saskatchewan, whose names are on file and in good standing with the association, are eligible for insurance coverage.

Please be advised that insurance coverage through RAS is a secondary policy and is only to be used if the claimant has no other personal insurance coverage or has a claim beyond the limits of their personal coverage.

Claim Procedure

There are 4 easy steps for completing your insurance claim correctly.

Step 1

Download the claim instruction sheet as provided by our insurance agent.
Insurance Claim Instruction Sheet

Step 2

Download the required claim form(s):
Accident Claim Form
Attending Physician’s Statement
Dental Claim Form
Note: An attending Physician’s Statement is required if you are claiming anything other than an ambulance ride or a dental claim.

Step 3

Fill out form(s) completely and attach all accompanying receipts. Send to the RAS Office:

Ringette Saskatchewan
1860 Lorne Street
Regina, SK S4P 2L7

All insurance claims must be made to RAS within 30 days of the date of the accident. Please note that the insurance company does not pay medical bills directly and will not process incomplete forms. The claimant is responsible for paying all bills. All approved claims will be refunded directly to the claimant.

Step 4

The RAS Executive Director or other appointed staff will verify that the claimant is eligible for coverage and will submit all forms and receipts to the insurance company within one week upon receipt of the same.


Questions regarding the insurance coverage extended to members of RAS should be directed to the Ringette Saskatchewan Office 306-780-9432.